National Industry Pension Fund

Potential Employers

The SEIU National Industry Pension Fund (NIPF) provides retirement benefits to eligible participants and their dependents. The plan currently has over $1 billion in total assets and is funded by investment returns and employer contributions. By becoming a contributing employer, you can help ensure a financially secure retirement for your participants.

Interested in becoming a contributing employer in the NIPF? Contact the Fund today.

New or Current Employers

For information on the NIPF status and collection procedures, please review the documents below.

NIPF Documents

If you have any new employees who started at one of your sites, please have them fill out the Census Card and send back to the Fund.

If your company is interested in submitting remittance reports to the Fund electronically, please email us at for more information.

Here is the file layout for your electronic submission of your monthly remittance report:

Here is what the excel spreadsheet should look like when your company emails the report to the Fund:

If you do not submit your monthly remittance form electronically, you will need to fill out the SEIU National Industry Pension Fund report that you receive on a monthly basis from the Fund.  Any other type of report will need to be approved by the Fund per the collection policy.

 Need to calculate your estimated withdrawal liability?

  1. Access the calculation spreadsheet
  2. Insert your yearly contributions in cells J8 through J27.
  3. The spreadsheet will calculate your estimated withdrawal liability amount.

While this spreadsheet can help you determine your estimated withdrawal liability, the Fund Office will prepare an official liability calculation if you withdraw from the Fund

If you are interested in the Fund calculating the estimated withdrawal liability, please send a written request to Tsegaw Mengistu along with a check for $750.00 payable to the SEIU National Industry Pension Fund to cover the cost of the estimate to: SEIU Benefit Funds, 1800 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 301, Washington, DC 20036 or you may email your request to and wire instructions will be provided if you'd prefer not to mail a check.

If you have a collective bargaining agreement with Local 49, please use this spreadsheet  to calculate the withdrawal liability. (Reminder: This is only for Local 49 sites.)


Plan Information